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40cm Maybell Elf


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Sweet and innocent little Maybell Elf, may be the reason elves are left on the shelf. For somewhere along this little one’s way, her sweetness and innocence ran away. So far away they are now lost, and little Maybell has teamed up with Jack Frost. To cause a ruckus in the snow and ice, Maybell knows it’s not very nice. But there is nothing funnier than to see an elf fall, once they’ve been hit by one of Jack’s snowballs. Roly poly in the snow, how far can one elf go? Oh what fun to ride and sleigh when Jack and Maybell are out to play!

Maybell is 40cm.

All elves come complete with a card that describes their personality and job roles in the North Pole.

Weight 0.1840 kg
Dimensions 41 × 13 × 10 cm